The fat controller.

The fat controller was none too pleased with the engines that day.

“Percy you just haven’t been pulling your weight have you!”

“I shall have to get Thomas to pull the mail trucks from now on!”

“And Gordon, you were supposed to be at the quarry an hour ago!”

Percy turned to Thomas and mumbled, “Why doesn’t the fat prick get off his fat arse and do it himself?”

Henry, who was in the shed beside Percy leaned over and whispered, “That’s right Thomas, tell him to go and get shunted!”

Gordon, who was always the sensible one, warned, “Steady on lads, it’s not Thomas’ fault that the fat man thinks the sun shines out his arse,” and then added with a chuckle, “besides, this is a union issue; we shall have to get Emily on to it! ”

And with that, all of the engines almost steamed themselves laughing, because Emily was a female engine and everyone knows that women aren’t at all welcome in the SRWU (Sodor Railway Workers Union).